La Quinta Inns & Suites Mgr Food and Beverage in Los Angeles, California


This position is responsible for management of all aspects of the Food and Beverage department in accordance with hotel standards; coordinates details and menus for clients' functions; maintains budgeted revenues through solicitation of business while controlling expenditures; and directs, implements and maintains a management philosophy, which serves as a guide to Food and Beverage staff in all outlets.


Review daily status of business, schedules, priority assignments, bookings and all information pertinent to the department operation.

Review banquet sales and checks for the previous day; ensure accuracy of charges and presence of guest signature; resolve any discrepancies; and track revenue against budget.

Meet with clients to work out the details of their functions; escort clients through the property; highlight features of facility as well as available services; and suggestively sell menus, which meet the client's needs and maximize revenues.

Make reservations at non-peak times in order to allow the outlet to provide the best service.

Work with management to plan special requests for clients and special event menus; arrange introductions between the client and staff.

Coordinate arrangements for a Chef's table, where appropriate, to persuade profitable potential clients.

Ensure lounge policy guidelines are being met.

Adhere to all accounting policies regarding payment.

Inspect all function space for cleanliness and condition, using specified checklists; ensure that each area meets designated standards.

Complete work orders for maintenance repairs and submit to Engineering; contact Engineering directly for urgent repairs.

Ensure that all definite functions are detailed accurately on Banquet Event Orders, signed by clients and distributed to designated departments on a timely basis.

Review estimated guarantees and ensure that firm guarantees are obtained

business days prior to scheduled function; ensure that the overset figure complies with established standards.

Check function room set-ups prior to guest arrival, ensuring all details are in agreement with client's requirements and hotel standards and that respective personnel correct any deficiency.

Meet with the outside catering staff prior to function time to verify arrangements and to observe the quality of the food presentation; ensure that standards are met.

Welcome group contact upon arrival at function and ensure guest satisfaction.

Check that functions are properly staffed to provide the required standard of service, ensure staff is well groomed and resolve any deficiencies with the banquet or lounge staff.

Assist in supervising the service of functions, monitor guest reactions, handle any guest complaints and confer with service staff to ensure guest satisfaction.

Coach and counsel Food and Beverage staff when needed, including disciplinary action when needed.

Assist with the preparation and distribution of an annual Food and Beverage plan in accordance with hotel specifications.

Assign monthly action steps to Food and Beverage staff and follow up on each step.

Adjust and update the Food and Beverage forecast each quarter.

Maintain complete knowledge of:

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-[endif]->Daily scheduled group functions, times, locations, amount of people and specified requirements.

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-[endif]->Location of all hotel function space and names of rooms.

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-[endif]->All styles of meeting and banquet room settings.

-[if !supportLists]->

-[endif]->Proper maintenance and use of equipment.

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-[endif]->All departmental/hotel policies and procedures.

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-[endif]->All safety guidelines.

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-[endif]->Conduct weekly and monthly Food and Beverage inventory and order necessary food and beverage items.

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-[endif]->Comply with all safety and security policies outlined by the Company.

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-[endif]->Perform other job related activities, as required.



-[if !supportLists]->· -[endif]-> High School Diploma or GED required. MINIMUM EXPERIENCE: -[if !supportLists]->· -[endif]-> 3 years as food service management experience. MINIMUM SKILL REQUIREMENTS: -[if !supportLists]->· -[endif]-> Possess adequate knowledge of banquet service standards to better sells the facilities. -[if !supportLists]->· -[endif]-> Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills. -[if !supportLists]->· -[endif]-> Must have good analytical skills and decision-making ability. -[if !supportLists]->· -[endif]-> Proficient in MSWord, MS Excel, and MS Outlook. -[if !supportLists]->· -[endif]-> Ability to logically and independently plan, organize and complete work. -[if !supportLists]->· -[endif]-> Must have excellent interpersonal skills and problem solving ability. -[if !supportLists]->· -[endif]-> Must have excellent organizational and time management skills . -[if !supportLists]->· -[endif]-> Obtain any locally required certifications. PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL DEMANDS -[if !supportLists]->· -[endif]-> May be required to do light lifting or carrying. -[if !supportLists]->· -[endif]-> Capable of working in a fast paced environment and in stressful situations. -[if !supportLists]->· -[endif]-> Must respond to multiple task interruptions and still provide service to internal and external customers in a professional and courteous manner. -[if !supportLists]-> -[endif]-> May be required to walk, sit or stand for long periods at a time. -[if !supportLists]-> -[endif]-> Flexible in work hours/days. -[if !supportLists]-> -[endif]->Must respond to multiple task interruptions in order to provide service to internal and external customers. -[if !supportLists]-> -[endif]->Requires well-groomed appearance. -[if !supportLists]-> -[endif]->Requires good hearing. -[if !supportLists]-> -[endif]->Requires good near and distant vision. **Job:** *Food & Beverage* **Title:** *Mgr Food and Beverage* **Location:** *Los Angeles,CA* **Requisition ID:** *180000EW*